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Residents Academic Activity Schedule:


RAA Schedule AY2013-2014

RAA Schedule AY2013-2014

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12.Mar.2014 GR.Ethical issues; consent and capacity in ED (Dr.Mohd Alsukiti) ATLS.STD...

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26.Feb.2014 GR.Psychotic Patient in ED-when to act. (Dr.Saif Al-Tobi) CP.Traumatic...

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19.Feb.2014 GR.Emergency Managment of HIV pt. (Dr.Abdulmonaem) CS.Ch122 Acid Base...

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12.Feb.2014 GR. Sedation Basics and Beyond. (Dr.Widad) ATLS. ENT Conditions. (Dr.Sameeha) CS.Ch86...

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22.Jan.2014 GR.New LLLB and STEMI. (Dr.Fatma Al-Gaithi) CS.Ch85 Peripheral AV disease...

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15.Jan.2014 GR.ECMO In ED (Dr.Muza) CS.CH83-84.Aortic Dissection and Abdominal Aortic...

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25.Dec.2013 GR.Pan CT in Polytrauma (Dr.Waleed) CS.CH82 Hypertension (Dr.Khulood) ATLS.Funduscopic...

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18.Dec.2013 GR.Implanted Cardiac Devices Emergency (Dr.Ibtisam) CS.CH77.Dysarrythmia...

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6th.Nov.2013 GR: Obervation Unit(Dr.Azher) CP: Altered Pt, TTP (Dr.Ahmed) JC:...

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30th.Oct.2013 GR: New Drugs of Abuse (Dr.Mahmuod) CS: Chapter 69, Opthalmology...

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23rd.Oct.2013 GR: Sea Bites Emergencies (Dr.Humod) CP: Altered Trauma Pt (Dr.Muna) CS:...

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9th.Oct.2013 GR: Coronary CT and its role in ED (Dr.Abdulaziz) CS: Headache ...

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2nd.Oct.2013 GR: Approach to agitated patient in ED (Dr.Nabeel) CS: Chapter 68,...

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25th.Sept.2013 GR: New Oral Anticoagulants , Updates? (Dr.Salim) CS: Chapter 3,...

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11th.Sept.2013 GR: ATLS , Updates? (Dr.Muzna) CS: Chapter 1, Airway (Dr.Mahmoud) Journal...

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4th.Sept.2013 Very Educative and brain storming session we had today GR: UGIB , what...

    The academic year 2013/2014 RAA will contain the following components:

     1- Grand Round:

    * Concept: It must present either an administrative topic, approach to certain situations/ patients in the ED, last updates in the ED field or a controversy.

    * Goal: to search in the EM literature and develop special expertise in one area of the ED.

    * Presenters: preferably a senior resident (R3 and above)

    * Time: 50 minutes + 10 minutes questions and discussion.



    2- Case Presentation:

    * Concept: an interesting case which has been seen by the resident which can be presented in a clinical reasoning way, focuses on the clinical areas of improvement more than factual knowledge.

    * Goal: to build a system based clinical competency and developed an aligorathmic approach to such presentation in the ED.

    * Presenters: preferably a junior resident (R1 and R2)

    * Time: 45 minutes + 10 minutes questions and discussion.



    3- Clinical Series :

    * Concept : cover the core components of emergency medicine based on the text book Rosen’s . To be delivered in an interactive way rather than a basic lecture .

    * Goal : To finish reading the whole text book of Rosen’s within two years and half of the residency . Focusing on important concepts related to clinical practice .

    * Presenters : all levels of residency from R1 to R5

    * Time : 50 mints + 10 minutes questions and discussion.



    4- Atlas:

    * Concept: visual simulation of the clinical emergency practice topics, to help the residents discuss the theoretical and practical issues behind different images.

    * Goal: To cover different chapters of the “Atlas of Emergency medicine” textbook with knowing that the presentation has to expand beyond the textbook and should cover areas around the topic with obtaining pictures/images from other sites .

    * Presenters: R2 to R5

    * Time: 40 minutes + 10 minutes questions and discussion.



    5-  Exam Preparation :

    * Concept: To help the residents with their exam preparation through simulated OSCE/Oral exams or even MCQs. It’s the responsibility of the trainer to choose the style of the exam.

    * Goal: To make the residents trained for exam purposes and know their areas of improvement in that field.

    * Presenters: Trainers/Consultants

    * Time: 1st week of each block, 60 minutes



    6- Consultant lecture:

    * Concept: To cover administrative issues, including ethics, time management, residency well being, fellowship inspirations, etc

    * Goal: To make the resident expand his/her way of thinking beyond factual knowledge .

    * Presenter: Consultant

    * Time: 3rd week of alternative block, 60 minutes



    7- Simulation:

    * Concept: To make the resident live a simulated emergency case, to see how he/she would deal with it in a protected environment with a proper feedback.

    * Goal: To make the resident be able to approach such cases in real life with the same way they do in a simulated case. To perform procedures and develop skills that might not be common in real clinical practice.

    * Presenter: Consultants/Trainers

    * Time: 3rd week of alternative block, half day.



    8- Journal Club:

    * Concept: 2-3 articles per session, each article has to be well chosen from popular journal, and to be presented in a critical appraisal way. Sometimes a lecture discussing important concept can be added.

    * Goal: To make the resident grasp the important aspects of research literature, know how to critically appraise articles and therefore implement that in day to day practice.

    * Presenters: Residents from different levels R1-R5

    * Time: This year the Sceintific committee decided to make the journal club as part of the RAA, and it won’t be presented as separate activity, it’s either to be in the 3rd week of the block if there won’t be simulation or in the second week in case of simulation activity is present in the third week. The Journal club usually lasts for 2 hours.

    9- Cheif talk:

    10 minutes are reserved for the chief resident every week to update the residents about any news and discuss with them matters could be raised by the residents or the scientific committee. 



    10- Topics Review:

    * Concept: By the end of the academic year and time come close to the exams, the idea of the topics review raise as one of the tools that help and guide the residents in preparing for the exam.

    * Goal: It should be helping the residents in reviewing major components of EM, the delivery is up to the trainers / consultant way either by MCQs, discussions, OSCE or whatever he thinks might be suitable.

    * Presenters: consultants

    * Time: Last 2-3 months of the academic year, before end of year examination, covers the whole RAA days.


    Mahmood Al Lawati

    EM Chief Resident , 2013

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